Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Review | Rio Beauty Nail Artist Starter Kit*

Good Evening my nail buddies! Apologies for my absence as of late but I've had a lot of things going on with work, the baby, lots of nail breakage and of course the hubby ended up being rushed into hospital so I'm a wee bit late with my posts.

I've got this Nail Artist Starter Kit for you today from the lovely peeps at Rio Beauty. I had so much fun using this!

What's in the box?
  1. White Polish (Opaque in 2 coats)
  2. Red Polish (Opaque in 2 coats)
  3. 4 Different Loose Glitters
  4. Double Ended Dotting Tool
  5. Fan Brush
  6. Detail Brush
  7. Flat Angle Brush
  8. Assorted Nail Gems
  9. Black Nail Art Pen
  10. Booklet & DVD

The DVD has step-by-step tutorials on nail art designs and techniques. It takes you through basic techniques using nail art brushes and then onto more difficult techniques like water marbling for when you're feeling braver and ready to move on and try new techniques. You also get a little booklet with the kit too which also shows you how to do some nail art designs, it shows you what brushes create which strokes and shapes and also has lots of nailspiration in there too.

Here's a couple of pages from the booklet showing some of the techniques......

Here's the swatches of the loose glitter. As you all know I've used loose glitter before. It's fun and can get a bit messy so make sure you have a try under you and something to catch your glitter in so you don't waste any of it.

Look how beautiful and shiny it is!! I absolutely LOVE that purple!! Unfortunately I only had enough swatch sticks to do a few designs. I wanted to try it out on my own nails but my nails are far from photo worthy yet. So please don't give up on me just yet.

Oh and I'm really sorry for some of the pictures being blurry I'm trying to get used to my new camera! I used every brush just to show the kinds of designs you can achieve with them. The sparkly purple zebra is my fave design. I'm also very pleased with the cats too using the detail brush! My new fave brush and friend! 

Overall, this kit has everything a nail art newbie needs and is really easy to use and has loads of inspiration with the DVD and booklet. 

This kit really does get the nailspiration juices flowing! I can't wait to do manicures on my own nails using this. 

This kit is available from Rio Beauty Now for £19.99. A must have for any nail art newbie!

Until Next Time, Keep Polishing.

    *Sample sent to me for review

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