Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Swatched | Models Own - Pinky Brown

Hello there fellow nail nuts! Hope you're all well, I was supposed to blog last week but didn't seem to have any room to fit it in although I did a couple of mani's and took the photos so I thought over the next couple of weeks I would try and bring you up to speed.....AGAIN!! I promise this wont happen again as I will be finally getting Internet sorted in my new house! Yay!!!! 

So today I have a simple swatch of the lush Pinky Brown which is from Models Own Beetle juice Collection. This is a mini I got in a set of 3. I still love the duo/multi chrome polishes and Models Own have some gorgeous ones.

I had this on a couple of weeks ago and tried to capture the beauty of this polish but failed to get any good pictures. Pinky Brown is a lush shimmery pink/coppery/orange with a hint of purple multi - chrome polish and only took me 2 nice even coats to get full opacity. 

I love how the colour switches in different light. I keep coming back to this polish and I think I'm going to be getting myself the bigger bottle pretty soon. Whenever I just want something pretty and simple this is the polish I reach for every time. I'm pretty sure I have a couple more from the Beetle juice Collection in my stash that I have yet to try. In fact, I'm going to rummage through my untried's now and see what I can pull out for my next mani!

Have you tried this polish?? What did you think?
Until Next Time, Keep Polishing.
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