Tuesday, 24 September 2013

SEVENTEEN Quicker Slicker Colour Review

Hiya lovelies!! Hope you're all having a better week than I am. Lol, I can't believe I've managed to break ALL of my nails so I will only be posting a couple of mani's with super short nubblins until my nails grow back. But in the meantime I still have a few posts for you guys.

 Today, I have a review for you lovely lot. I love SEVENTEEN products, they're great quality and even better value for money. They have recently re-branded from 17 and have started to bring out lots of new products. The Quicker Slicker range has replaced the Fast Finish range with some new shades to go along with old favourites.

Quicker Slicker claim to be high shine and touch dry within 50 seconds. These are great if you haven't got much time and they have some lovely glitter polishes in the range too, so you don't just have to go for a plain colour. These really do live up to their claim. I got Jitterbug and Ballgown. Jitterbug is this lovely orange shade, I really like this. It's a slightly darker orange which I don't have in my polish collection. 

I also have Ballgown which is this pretty pearly white which has a slight shimmer running through it. It's not quite a white, it's slightly off white if that makes sense?? Lol, it's really pretty in person. 

How pretty are these shades?? They are available from Boots for £2.99. These are really great polishes if you tend to smudge your polish which I do if I'm not able to sit completely still until it's dry. The only thing I would say is that these all needed 2 coats as the first coat was a little streaky as I tried to use thin coats but you will need a good amount of polish on your brush to get it in 1 coat. Overall, these are great polishes and look really pretty on.

Until Next Time, Keep Polishing.
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  1. The orange is such a pretty colour. Very autumnal x

  2. Thank you lovelies. I love Jitterbug (the name is awesome too) it's such a pretty orange. xx


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