Friday, 20 September 2013

Swatched | Models Own - Thunder & Lightening

Hiya guys! Hope you've not missed me too much, I know I've been MIA for a few days but I've just had THE busiest week ever! It's not been the best, however I am now back and shall catch up on the blog posts I've missed posting! So let's just crack on with what I've got in store for you shall we??

This has to be one of my favourite black glitters!! I absolutely LOVE this polish, I mean you can clearly see how pretty it is from my photos (at least I hope you can!). Every time I look into the bottle it's like there's a whole rainbow trapped in there. 

The only thing I don't like about this polish is that it takes LOADS of coats to make it opaque. as you can see from my photo. I really don't like wasting polish so whenever I have this on I cheat a little and put a nice even coat of black polish before adding 2 coats of Thunder & Lightening over the top.

Look at how sparkly she is in the sun!! I mean she's a beauty right?! As with most glitter polishes I would recommend using a top coat so you don't get that rough feel to your nails and it also give your glitters that extra bit of sparkle. I bought a gorgeous pair of sparkly heels just after Christmas and was trying to find a polish that matched and I ordered this from Models Own shortly after just by chance......

I squealed with delight when I found out that it matches perfectly!! I always pair these baby's up when I go for a night out (which is roughly once every couple of months!) I don't even know what made me order it but I'm so glad I did. I was just expecting a plain black polish with a slight silvery shimmer but when I got this full on rainbow sparkle I couldn't have been more happier! I'd definitely say YOU NEED THIS in your collection!!

I hope you enjoy the sparkles as much as I do! 
Until Next Time, Keep Polishing.
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  1. I LOOOOVE this polish! It is on my wishlist x

    1. It's definitely a must buy!! I LOVE this too! x


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