Sunday, 22 September 2013

Free Nails Inc. Nail Polish with Colgate Max White One

As you'll all know Colgate teamed up with Nails Inc. to create 2 new Limited Edition shades of nail polish - Luminous Red Gloss & Luminous Red Metallic. These LE shades were FREE when you purchased the new Colgate Max White ONE Luminous toothpaste from Boots.

The toothpaste was £3.99 and says something about making your teeth whiter in one week, I haven't really had a good look as I was too excited about the FREE full sized polish! Lol. I just can't resist a FREE Nails Inc. I was torn between the 2 colours and almost picked them both but decided that I have too many plain red shades so I went for the Metallic one.

I'm so glad I chose the metallic one as it's so pretty on and I'd say it would make the perfect polish for around Christmas time. I can't wait to do some Christmas nail art with it.

It's a really pretty polish don't you think?! I used 2 cats for this but if you're super careful you could get away with just using 1 coat. These were available as long as stocks lasted. Did anyone get the Luminous Red Gloss one?? (which I believe is a matte) I'd love to see photos of that one.

Until Next Time Guys, Keep Polishing.
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  1. Very pretty! I love shimmery metallic reds.

    1. This is actually my first metallic red and I love it! So glad it's the one I chose x

  2. That will look great for Christmas nail art!

  3. I got the gloss one (although I might go see if the offers still running, this one looks lovely!) it's really nice and bright, I thought it was a matte too, the display said so, but it's not, it's glossy, still nice thou :)
    There's pictures on my blog :)


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