Saturday, 14 September 2013

Avon Leopard Nail Tips Review

Good Morning my beautiful readers!! How are we all on this fab Saturday morning?? I have a review for you today. I will be reviewing these cute nail sticker tips from Avon for you.

I spotted these in the Avon book a while back and thought these were too cute to pass up so I ordered myself some. You get 28 tips on each sheet with a small set of instructions although they do seem pretty easy to apply. 

They have a good selection of tip sizes so I didn't have too many problems finding ones to fit my nails, I did have to cut a couple down as I have REALLY tiny hands so my smaller nails are the size of a newborns! Lol. However, they are quite delicate and do break easily so just be careful. I found them a little tricky to apply and I would say they will take a little time and patience to apply them but once on they look really cute. I would suggest maybe using a pair of tweezers to help with these stickers.

I paired my tips up with this lush yellow polish also from Avon in Lemon Sugar, as you can see I didn't quite get the hang of applying them but I will give them another go and allocate myself a bit longer to do them. They cost £6 but I got these on offer for £3 and I'm sure they're still on offer. I used 3 coats of Top Coat to seal them in but found they did still peel a little but they lasted me around 3 days which is pretty impressive.

Removing them is a little tricky so try soaking them in some nail polish remover first then using a cotton pad to remove the rest.I was a little disappointed in these to be honest as they did peel and rip really easily. I haven't seen many reviews on these but I do believe in second chances so I will be trying these out again with the hopes of giving myself more time these will go on much easier and not peel. I do like these and they are great for lazy nail art days.

Have you tried these?? What did you think?? I really hope you liked my review.
Until Next Time, Keep Polishing.
For This Manicure I Used:
Collection 2in1 Base Coat & Ridge Filler
Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Lemon Sugar
Avon Colour Trend Leopard Nail Tips Stickers
Seche Vite Top Coat
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