Saturday, 17 August 2013

NOTD: MUA Mystical Glitter Nails - Mermaid

Hello there my beautiful readers!! 

The weekend is finally here and I hope you've all got something great planned. Today I have just a simple Nail Of The Day to show you today. This is one of my favourite polishes, So shall we have a little look?

Today I have to show you this lush polish from MUA. It's one of their Mystical Glitter Nails polishes and this one is in Mermaid and I absolutely LOVE this!! It retails at £2.50 which is really cheap and the application is so smooth and dries fairly quickly.

Please excuse the slightly messy cuticles but I've only just discovered that you're supposed to leave a little gap between nail and cuticle so I'm trying to get the hang of it, Lol. I used 3 coats of this and I just love the colour of this polish, it really does remind me of being in the sea.

Until Next Time, Keep Polishing
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  1. Hey Rachel, this colour is GORGEOUS! I love MUA polishes because they're really good quality for such a tiny price :)
    Looking toward to seeing more from you ;)
    Lyndsay xx
    (Unicorns love nails)

    1. Hi! Thanks, I know this is one of my FAVE polishes, I love how sparkly she is! Hope you like what I've got coming up xx

  2. Pretty colour!

    If you want to clean up around your cuticles take a cotton bud and dip it in remove a swipe it carefully around the nail. If you have more right by the cuticle that you need to clean up use a little nail art brush dipped in remover and go around the edges! It works a treat! x

    1. Thank you so much for that tip! I will try that x


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